Instant immersion with the 1st booklet in the « Les Traversées d’Helvia et Berguise » series. Our two intrepid explorers Helvia and Berguise are on the lookout for new adventures and will open the doors to numerous villages for you. Where will their bunch of keys take them ? (Read more)

Adventure and journey back in time as you explore our villages and their history.

The « Traversées d’Helvia et Berguise » collection invites you on a novel and fun voyage of discovery to the villages of our area. The 1st booklet with its illustrated content is the result of close teamwork with the people of Saint Vincent de Barrès so that you can learn more about the village, its history and its architectural heritage. Curious visitors can have fun discovering what it was like in the 10th and 11th centuries here.

Come and explore our heritage with Helvia and Berguise our two intrepid adventurers who have found an enormous bunch of keys. They open the doors to countless unknown villages. Mysteries, anecdotes, history … it’s all there ! Have fun unearthing the secrets of our villages and learning about their history with our pair.

Booklet available at Porte Sud Ardèche Tourist Offices in Le Teil, Cruas and Alba la Romaine


All year round, daily.


Free access.

Le village

07210 Saint-Vincent-de-Barrès