The village is located in a pass between the Andance and Coiron mountains, halfway between Privas and Montélimar.

Saint Bauzile is characterized by buildings in basalt stones. The village center Saint Bauzile is a typical black basalt-built village. Its centre has been completely restored and developed to offer visitor-friendly space for fun and games. In addition, traces of a Casadean priory attached to the Abbey of La Chaise Dieu have been found on a hill above the village.

In the late Miocene period 9 to 5m years BP, microscopic algae called diatoms proliferated in the area now known as Saint Bauzile. Those algae have been metamorphosed into rock today. Diatomite has excellent filtration properties and is mined and exported to industries worldwide. And would you believe it? This rock can actually float …!