The art of puppetry

The Cie Emilie Valantin theatre company was founded in 1975 and received support from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs as from 1981. The company has built up a shining reputation not only in France but also internationally as it responds positively to requests whether they be in humble or renowned locations. The troupe performed “The Life of the great Don Quixote and the corpulent Sancho Panza” at the illustrious Comédie Française in 2008.

In the last 45 years, Emilie Valantin has created over 2 000 characters combining traditional techniques and new materials without ignoring the representational aspect. The appeal made by the Russian Ekaterinburg-based Koukol Theatre company in 2009 reinforced Emilie Valantin’s desire to produce shows for younger audiences and resulted in her being awarded the “Mask of Gold” for Best Creator of Puppets with the presentation of “Gribouille” in 2011.


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